2020 VDL Awards – Enter Now

December reminder to be a part of the 2020 VDL Awards

Hello one and all!  Decided on your entry for next year????  Have you already sent in your expression of interest?

With the re-launching of our web portal early December 2019, all entries will be put online. Until that time, please send your expressions of interest to:

Dru Bartlett

All I need at this stage is a contact name and number, the name of the play would be great, and the dates would be BRILLIANT so as the Adjudicators can start to book.

ANY questions, feel free to call. I will ring back if you could just leave your name, a contact and the Theatre you are a member of so I know it’s a “real” person.

0402 310109

Your reminder is:

Application closing dates are as follows:

Production January/February 2020

Entry to be received by 31st December 2019

Production March/April 2020

Entry to be received by 31st January 2020

Other productions to finish by the end of October 2020

Entry to be received by 31st March 2020

The paper based entry form is available at the end of this document to remind you of the information I will require. If you’re going to be an entry PRIOR to December 31st, feel free to keep using this form so I have back up details.

The entry fee of $100 has been paid by:

  • cheque made payable to “The Victorian Drama League Inc.” which is attached to this Entry Form
  • Direct deposit (include NAME OF THEATRE COMPANY) to The VDL’s account – BSB 033009 Acc. 440329.

Here are a couple of entry conditions.

2.4 Only full-length Comedy and Drama plays will be accepted. No One-Act plays, Musicals, Melodramas or Pantomimes will be accepted.

2.8 The Theatre Group’s entry is required to be an amateur production. No participants shall receive payment. Expenses may be reimbursed.

Any enquiries to

PLEASE NOTE – until payment is received, the VDL cannot accept your entry as a full entry (eg entered on the WEB PAGE). When your form is received without payment, your company will be put on the Adjudicator’s list as “pending”

Have a brilliant CHRISTMAS! We are all looking forward to your productions in 2020!

Hugs and regards

Dru Bartlett

0402 310 109

Please email me with any questions at any time

December 22, 2019