Notice is hereby given that the 67th Annual General Meeting of the members of The Victorian Drama League Inc. will be held on –

Saturday, February 6, 2021 at 11.00 am via Zoom. A link will be sent to members who register to attend.

Register by 3/2/21 – contact .


  1. To receive the minutes of the 66th Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, Sept 14, 2019.
  2. To receive the President’s Report to 31 December 2020.
  3. To receive the Treasurer’s Report to June 2020.
  4. To elect Officers of the League and members of the Committee:

i.            The President

ii.           The Vice-President

iii.          The Secretary

iv.          The Treasurer

v.           Committee Members.

5. To receive and consider the statement submitted in accordance with section 30(3) of the Act.

6. Special resolutions –

i. To vote on the following motion passed by the VDL Committee of Management on May 18 2020: “That the VDL’s financial year be changed to a calendar year.” moved Deborah Fabbro, seconded Tony Clayton. Carried.

ii. To vote on the following motion passed by the VDL Committee of Management on May 18 2020: “That the amended Statement of Purposes be adopted.” moved Alison Campbell Rate, seconded Deborah Fabbro, Carried.

7. Any other business that can legally be brought forward.

By order of the Management Committee

Alison Campbell Rate

Hon. Secretary




Please remember that any signature as nominee, proposer or seconder (other than individual members) must be that of the official representative of a Group Membership or a Play Reading Group Membership of The Victorian Drama League.

Nomination Forms must be lodged at the offices of The Victorian Drama League Inc. via email or post not less than seven (7) days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

AGM papers are via the following links

Nomination Form

Proxy Form

Proposed Revised Statement of Purpose

Minutes of the previous AGM – 2019


December 16, 2020