29 Jan 2022 - 25 Apr 2022
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Peridot – A Season of One Act Plays

Peridot Theatre Inc
Auditions: 30 Jan 2022 @ 6:00pm,
13 Feb 2022 @ 5:00pm,
13 Feb 2022 @ 2:00pm,
19 Feb 2022 @ 2:00pm

Author: "Line Up" - Steven Berkoff, "Embers"by Natalie Burns, "Love is a Dish" by Adele Shelley, "Just a Straight Man" by Rob Smith and John Mawson.

Director: Line Up" directed by Joe Dias -"Embers" directed by Colin Morley- "Love is a Dish" directed by Audrey Farthing "Just a Straight Man" directed by Bob Bramble.

Genre: Other

Agent: "Line Up" By arrangement with Origin Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French. A Concord Theatrical Company. "Just a Straight Man" By arrangement with Play on Words. Pty Ltd. Box 211, Ararat, Vic, 3377 "Love is a Dish" by arrangement with the playwright Adele Shelley. Embers -By arrangement with Maverick Musicals.


“Line-Up” by Steven Berkoff directed by Joe Dias
(Audition only by appointment and will be conducted via zoom please contact Joe Dias )
Audition Date: January 30th
Email :

Synopsis: Two men in a concentration camp await their fate
** Please be advised that this production contains language which might offend but is relevant to the dramatic subject matter of the play
By arrangement with Origin Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French. A Concord Theatrical Company.

“Love is a Dish”by Adele Shelley directed by Audrey Farthing.
Audition Date: February 13th @ 2pm
Email: Mob: 0421 600 441

Synopsis: A passionate chef tantalises her insatiable lover with hot and spicy dishes, but as the night wears on, who has the most unquenchable desire?
By arrangement with the playwright Adele Shelley.

“Embers” by Natalie Burns directed by Colin Morley
(Audition by appointment)
Audition Date: February 13th @ 5pm

Synopsis: Smoke had been looming on the horizon for days, an orange haze glowing in the distance. Pine Ridge had hoped and prayed that the fires would spare their town. Nowra Cobargo is returning home after years away, to report on the impending bushfires. Upon arrival she encounters old friends, strained family relationships and a firestorm no one saw coming.
By arrangement with Maverick Musicals

“Just a Straight Man” by Rob Smith and John Mawson directed by Bob Bramble
Audition Date: February 19th @ 2pm
Email: Mob: 0418 586 273

Synopsis: Trevor and Barney are preparing for another performance at the Riviera Club. A hit comedy act, the duo are not the closest of friends that you would expect them to be. The conversation leads to dark secrets being exposed with a giant twist that you won’t see coming.
By arrangement with Play on Words Pty Ltd .Box 211 Ararat Victoria 3377

Audition Dates and Times:

2:00pm on:

  • Sun 13th Feb 2022
  • Sat 19th Feb 2022

5:00pm on:

  • Sun 13th Feb 2022

6:00pm on:

  • Sun 30th Jan 2022

Characters Summary:

"Line Up" - 2 M Age range 35 to 50 years
Audition Date Sunday January 30th
(Audition to be only by appointment and conducted via zoom)

"Love is a Dish" - 1 M - 1 F mid 20's - mid 30's
Audition Date - February 13th @ 2pm

"Embers" - 6F Age range 18 - 60 yrs
Audition Date - February 13th @ 5pm
( Audition to be by appointment)

"Just A Straight Man" 2 M Age range 35 to 60 years
Audition Date - Saturday February 19th @ 2pm

Performances: 2 Jun 2022 - 4 Jun 2022

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Ladies in Retirement

Mordialloc Theatre Co. Inc.
Auditions: 20 Mar 2022 @ 2:00pm,
22 Mar 2022 @ 7:30pm

Author: Edward Percy and Reginald Denham

Director: Martin Gibbs

Genre: Drama


Set in an isolated cottage on the Thames Estuary in 1885, a former showgirl/actress, Miss Fiske, and her long-time companion and housemate, Ellen, become involved in competing schemes that grow more sinister after the arrival at their home of Ellen’s two sisters. A surprise turn of events will keep you glued to the unfolding story that has been described as one of the best stage thrillers of its time.
First staged in 1939 as England was starting WWII, London was in a blackout, and most theatres were closed it was an enormous hit, running for a total of 301 performances.

Audition Dates and Times:

2:00pm on:

  • Sun 20th Mar 2022

7:30pm on:

  • Tue 22nd Mar 2022

Characters Summary:

1M(20s-30s), 4F(20s-70s)

Performances: 17 Jun 2022 - 2 Jul 2022

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