Playwrights at Peridot

Michael Olsen presents a series of workshops for aspiring playwrights

Ever wanted to write a play but don’t know where to start? Have a half-finished manuscript in the drawer? Want to hone your writing skills? Then PLAYWRIGHTS@PERIDOT might just be the opportunity for you!

Multi-award-winning writer Michael Olsen presents a series of approximately 10 workshops of about 60-90 minutes covering topics such as Character, Plot, Dialogue, Editing and getting your work on stage, with a view to writing a one act play.

Where: Online, via Zoom – from the convenience of your own home!
Dates: Beginning in July. Dates to be agreed by participants.
Cost:  $400

To register your interest:
Contact Alison at before June 14th. Further details at

May 15, 2021