1 Oct 2023 @ 7:00pm,
2 Oct 2023 @ 7:00pm
Heidelberg Theatre Company

Author: Neil Simon

Director: Gayle Poor

Genre: Comedy

Agent: ORiGiN™ Theatrical


When they gather to celebrate a tenth wedding anniversary, four New York power couples experience a severe attack of Farce.

An enjoyable and very popular romp, this is one of Simon’s most celebrated comedies.


Characters Summary:

5F (20s - 50s); 5M (20s - 50s)

Characters Description:

• Chris Gorman: f, 32-38 -- Ken’s elegant and attractive wife. A bit high strung.
• Ken Gorman: m, 32-40 -- A well-spoken, handsome attorney. A bit high strung.
• Claire Ganz: f, 30-40 -- Lenny’s gossip-monger, attractive wife. A Westchester, New York housewife type.
• Lenny Ganz: m, 32-42 -- An accountant who has just wrecked his brand new BMW. Irascible, sarcastic, and very likeable.
• Ernie Cusack: m, 40-55 -- A smug psychiatrist.
• Cookie Cusack: f, 40-50 -- Ernie’s wife and a cooking show host with a bad back. She has a very dramatic, physical personality.
• Glenn Cooper: m, 32-50 -- An ambitious, polished man preparing for a run for the state senate. A Kennedy-type.
• Cassie Cooper: f, 25-35 -- A jealous type who believes in the healing power of crystals. Glenn’s trophy wife. Insecure, sexy, shrewish.
• Officer Welch: m or f, 35-50 -- A vigorous, straight-talking, veteran police officer.
• Officer Pudney: f (could be male), 23-31 -- A rookie cop.

Precast Characters:


Audition Venue & Dates

Audition Dates and Times:

7:00pm on:

  • Sun 1st Oct 2023
  • Mon 2nd Oct 2023

Audition Venue Name: Heidelberg Theatre

Audition Venue Address:

36 Turnham Ave
Rosanna Vic

Audition Enquiries Contact:


Season Dates: 16 Feb 2024 - 2 Mar 2024


2:00pm on:

  • Sat 17th Feb 2024
  • Sun 18th Feb 2024
  • Sat 24th Feb 2024
  • Sun 25th Feb 2024

8:00pm on:

  • Fri 16th Feb 2024
  • Wed 21st Feb 2024
  • Thu 22nd Feb 2024
  • Fri 23rd Feb 2024
  • Sat 24th Feb 2024
  • Wed 28th Feb 2024
  • Thu 29th Feb 2024
  • Fri 1st Mar 2024
  • Sat 2nd Mar 2024

Other Information

Other Information:

• Accents: American, New York
• Format: You will be asked to read one or more scenes from the play. The scenes will be provided at the audition. For further information and to nominate which audition session you will be attending please email the director (
• For queries, including arranging for a perusal copy of the script, contact the Director:
• 2023 Rehearsal dates to be confirmed (*tbc) for read-through of the play, and a few rehearsals, prior to the end of the year, tbc. We will recommence the first week of January.
• 2024 Rehearsals: Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7:30pm. and Sunday (possibly late afternoon/early evening tbc)
• Production week: Sun 11 Feb (Tech, time tbc). Monday 12 Feb, Tuesday 13 Feb both 7:00pm, Preview Night Thursday 15 Feb 8:00pm performance time.