VDL Adjudicator Awards 2018

Adjudicator Awards 2018

Zina Carman:

1. Frankston Theatre Group, for their recently formed ACT2 Theatre Group, encouraging young aspiring actors to become involved in community theatre (Charlie’s Aunt).
2. Sally Curry, for the wonderfully large backdrop painting of the City of Troy in Dionysus Theatres The Trojan Women.

Richard Keown:

1. The Crew of This Rose Has Thorns, BUsT Co.
2. The FOH team at Frankston Theatre Groups Charlies Aunt, for the tea setting with waiters.

Laura Bradley:

1. Sheridan Killingback, Andre Thomas and the Chorus (Roisin O’Neil, Madeleine Rintoul and Hanna Rule), for the excellent composition, arrangement and performances of the music pieces in Dionysus Theatre’s The Trojan Women.
2. The Cast in Skin of Our Teeth Productions’ Jane Eyre, for swift and seamless scene changes.