VDL Awards Entries 2018

In the Next Room or the vibrator play

Brighton Theatre Co.
15 Feb 2018 - 3 Mar 2018

Set in the 1880’s and coinciding with the advent of electricity, Dr Givings who specialises in treating women with hysteria is finding that he can achieve spectacular results using a revolutionary therapeutic device. Meanwhile in the parlour adjacent to his consulting room Mrs Givings, her wet nurse and guest listen with intensifying curiosity and wonder to the rapturous sounds emanating from the next room and there follows a fascinating discussion and eventually somewhat embarrassed mutual experimentation. When Mrs Giving’s wet nurse gently suggests that the reactions they describe are the same ones some women experience with their husbands she is met with a stupefied silence followed by dismissive laughter.

Agent: Origin Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French

Author: Sarah Ruhl

Director: Natasha Boyd

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Calendar Girls

The 1812 Theatre
22 Feb 2018 - 17 Mar 2018

Based on the true story of 11 women who posed nude for a calendar, to raise money for the Leukemia Research Fund.
Calendar Girls has been the fastest selling stage play in British theatre history

Agent: Origin

Author: Tim Firth

Director: Jonathon Mills

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The Importance of being Earnest

Eltham Little Theatre Inc.
23 Feb 2018 - 4 Mar 2018

Author: Oscar Wilde

Director: Brad Buckingham

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Falling from grace

Gemco Players Community Theatre Inc.
9 Mar 2018 - 24 Mar 2018

Set in the 90s not only is a spotlight shone on the trends and developments of the era, but the universal issues of relationships which remain relevant regardless of generation.

Suzannah, Maggie and Janet have been colleagues and best friends for years. But their relationship is about to be severely challenged by husbands, lovers, children, work … and a new drug! They work together, publishing a high-quality magazine, and have always helped each other to deal with life’s crises.

The magazine is preparing to print an article about Miriam Roth, a high-profile female medical researcher, who is conducting a trial of a drug for PMS. This drug may or may not be responsible for birth defects. The play considers what is moral/ethical and how modern people deal with difficult situations. The underlying issue is not clear-cut and you are likely to change your mind, as do the play characters several times as various facts are revealed.

Author: Hannie Rayson

Director: Sharon Maine

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The Offshore Island

The Mount Players
9 Mar 2018 - 25 Mar 2018

Set in England some ten years after a nuclear explosion, widow Rachel Verney and her 2 children live in an isolated valley that has remained unaffected by the war or its subsequent contamination. They have had no contact with the outside world until one day a group of Americans arrive. The family’s initial delight and gratitude soon gives way to concern.
While The Offshore Island was written in 1954 at the height of the Cold War, a time when many people in Britain feared being in the middle of a potentially catastrophic action, the story still rings true today, although with different protagonists. Will mankind never learn from history?

Agent: By arrangement with David Higham Associates

Author: Marghanita Laski

Director: Cherry Servis

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Old Actors Never Die…They Simply Lose the Plot!

Essendon Theatre Co.
15 Mar 2018 - 24 Mar 2018

The Mount Home for Retired Theatricals is an unusual place – more like a country house hotel than a home for the elderly. As Juliet Sullivan says ‘Waited on hand and foot – no meals to prepare – beds made. Heaven!’ And the manageress positively encourages residents to carry on working as long as they can.

So when Walter Neville (small part veteran of 212 films) arrives, he is overjoyed to find some of his best friends in residence. All is well until the serial womaniser husband of three of the residents (Mrs Sullivan 1, 2 and 3) goes missing – apparently on the run from Russian gangsters. The ladies decide that ‘He who pays the bills’ must be rescued – but how to go about it?

What follows is a truly daft journey into the world of eccentric luvvies that provides some of the best comic roles for senior actors you are ever likely to come across!

Agent: Origin TM Theatrical, On behalf of PlayStage

Author: Lynn Brittney

Director: Alex McMurray & Dawn Hinrichsen

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This Rose Has Thorns

5 Apr 2018 - 7 Apr 2018

The daughters of a lord, Rose & Lilly receive letters from their boyfriends, informing them that they have been imprisoned in the Tower of London and expect to be executed. The two girls do what seems only natural to them; they dress up as men and set off to London to rescue them.

Will Rose & Lilly make it to London? Will the Mayor of Upper get their lady? Will the maid get her mate or failing that just get to mate? Will the constable get to see a show? Why are there so many people cross dressing? Who thought it was a good idea to give us swords? Why is the backstage crew on stage?All these questions and more will be answered in This Rose Has Thorns.

Come and join Bustco’s latest offering. The world premiere performance of this high energy, fast paced comedy. There will be bad costumes, crappy sets, awful jokes, slap stick and the 4th wall will not so much be broken as smashed! Think Shakespeare mixed with The Play That Goes Wrong, Black Adder, Monty Python & Game of Thrones – WITH SWORDS!

Author: Dwayne Yancey

Director: John Jennings

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Malvern Theatre Company Inc.
20 Apr 2018 - 5 May 2018

An irrefutable classic of the American theatre. A work of humanity and warmth, Our Town is the story of the people who live in a small town called Grover’s Corner, in New Hampshire. We follow the Gibbs and Webb families through twelve years of life changes from secret wishes and disappointments, loves and losses. Through the young lovers Emily and George, their strong and loving parents, and the many other Grover’s Corners’ friends and neighbours, Thornton Wilder delivers universal truths about what it means to be human with humour, wit, and exceptionally powerful storytelling. Our Town offers a unique opportunity for audience members to make precisely that realisation.

Agent: Origin Theatrical Pty. Ltd.

Author: Thornton Wilder

Director: Peter Newling

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The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

Geelong Repertory Theatre Co.
20 Apr 2018 - 5 May 2018

In 1930’s Chicago, a gangster Arturo Ui dreams of making it to the top of the vegetable trade. Corruption within the Cauliflower Trust, he uses this knowledge to scheme his way into a position of power and will not stop for anyone or anything until he achieves his goal. A satirical and thought provoking insight into the rise of Adolf Hitler and the complacency of the people who were able to resist him, but didn’t.

Agent: Origin Theatrical Australia on behalf of Samuel French New York

Author: Bertolt Brecht adapted by George Tabori

Director: Greg Shawcross

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It’s My Party (and I’ll cry if I want to)

Bright Alpine Actors
26 Apr 2018 - 5 May 2018

Author: Elizabeth Coleman

Director: Phyl Swindley

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