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Type: Play

Theatre Company: Peridot Theatre Inc

Start Date: 9 Nov 2023

End Date: 11 Nov 2023


Five OAP Plays
Pane di Casa
Written by Carlotta Migliolo
Directed by Carlotta Migliolo & Katerina Zafiris

The cast: Mathew Da Via, Carlotta Migliolo, Monisha Inserra, Josephine Boffa, Janine McGrath, Darshini Nadarajan, Rishi Kanojia, and Marina Bartolameazzi

Pane Di Casa (A Taste of Home) is a bilingual English/Italian play that focuses on the struggles that migrants go through, and the everyday obstacles that they face. The play also encourages the audience to reflect on the individual and collective benefits of choosing kindness when approaching others.

Written by Alison Knight
Directed by George Werther

The cast: Blake Stringer and Danielle Carey

‘Then I see the door. Suddenly just there, in the brickwork. Open a crack. I dive through it. It slams behind me.’ An encounter with an enigmatic stranger on Flinders Lane will change the course of Linda’s life.

To Life
Written by Samantha Law
Directed by Elise D’Amico

The cast: Samantha Law

To Life is a culinary exploration of family, heritage and the complexity of life. The play navigates the intricacies of a cherished family recipe, weaving together tales of love and loss, the relentless pursuit of perfection and the secrets behind the elusive long life noodles. Immerse yourself in a story that lingers, just like the ghosts of the past.

Written by Maximillian Gill
Directed by Joe Dias

The cast: Amit Desai and Joe Dias

In a midnight encounter, a mysterious figure provides a desperate Refugee a chance for safety and belonging in a new country. This ‘Corrector’ offers a new way to assimilate into a new culture. The Refugee, haunted by the traumas of war, hesitates, fearing the loss of identity and heritage. This play examines cultural identity, sacrifice, and the price of acceptance in a world marked by conflict and displacement.

Echoes of Healing
Written by Zè Luis and Marjan Mesbahi
Additional Text by Marjan Mesbahi
Directed by Joe Dias

The cast: Marjan Mesbahi

Echoes of Healing reflects the universal themes of compassion, resilience, and the pursuit of a dream. It reminds us that healing knows no boundaries, and those who dedicate themselves to the service of others can bridge the gaps between cultures and countries, making the world a better place one heartbeat at a time.


Type: Play Review

Review Date: 9 Nov 2023

Theatre Company: Peridot Theatre Inc

For their One Act Play Season for 2023, entitled ‘Here, There & Everywhere’, Peridot Theatre presented five original plays dealing with the subjects of migration, refugees, and the problems of newcomers with English not as a first language being absorbed into the life and culture of the new country and society to which they have […]