How to Submit an Audition Notice

If you have a current VDL Group (Vic) or VDL Group (Interstate) membership, you are welcome to add your upcoming auditions to our Auditions list.

Submit Your Audition

  1. Log in to your group’s VDL account.
  2. Every Audition belongs to a Play. The Audition is created from the Play record: Go to My Profile > My VDL Content > My Plays.
  3. Find the required Play: Plays are sorted according to start date, in descending order. (If the Play is not in the list, you need to create it first: See How to Submit Your Play for What’s On.)
  4. Click the Edit button for the Play: You will now be on the Edit Play screen.
  5. Click the Auditions dropdown to open the Auditions section.
  6. Click the Create Audition button: A draft Audition will be created.
  7. Under Audition Dates and Times, click the Add New button to create a new audition date and time. At least one date and time must be entered for your Audition to appear on the VDL website. You can enter as many additional dates and times as you like: Just use the Add New button to add more.
  8. Fill in as much other detail as possible about the Audition.
  9. Set the Audition Status, choosing from:
    • Draft: The Audition is still a draft. It will not be displayed publicly.
    • Public: The Audition will be displayed publicly in the Auditions list.
  10. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, and click Save Changes.
  11. If you set the Audition status to Public, visit the Auditions list to see your Audition!