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24 Feb 2020 - 12 Dec 2020
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The Last Romance

Williamstown Little Theatre Inc.
12 Feb 2020 - 29 Feb 2020

Author: Joe DiPietro

Director: Keith Hutton

Agent: CAA


Set in Hoboken, New Jersey, the play is built around Ralph Bellini’s pursuit of romance, his search for emotional escape from the constricting life he leads as a widower sharing a small apartment with his selfish, bitter sister Rose, whose husband left her 22 years ago. She never got over it and, being Catholic, refused to divorce. Ralph is a frustrated opera singer who yearns to bring into his daily life some of the grand passions he once imagined enacting on the stage. And he cherishes the memories of the performances he has attended at the Metropolitan Opera in Manhattan, a temple of romance lying just across the Hudson—a shrine where he could experience those passions vicariously.

But those trips to the opera with his late wife were few, and now lie long in the past. The
present for Ralph is Hoboken and his Italian-American community—a world that both nurtures and constrains him. His dreams only come to life on the stage of the Met in Manhattan—which he can rarely afford to visit—but his reality is defined by the hemmed-in dog-run in which he walks each day, until he meets someone…

Crown Matrimonial

Malvern Theatre Company Inc.
14 Feb 2020 - 29 Feb 2020

VDL Awards Entry: 2020

Author: Royce Ryton

Director: Nick Opolski

Agent: Hal Leonard Pty. Ltd.


Set in Marlborough House, it is 1936, and the English monarchy is facing its greatest crisis in 400 years. The new king, Edward, is determined to marry the twice-divorced American, Wallis Simpson, against the wishes of the Parliament, the Church and the English people. For his mother, Queen Mary, the prospect of a king abdicating his throne is too terrible to contemplate. Royce Ryton’s sensitive drama tells the story of the family at the very centre of the historic events – a family almost torn apart by the struggle between public duty and private love, leading up to the constitutional crisis and abdication of Edward VIII.

Death Knell

The Basin Theatre Group
14 Feb 2020 - 7 Mar 2020

Author: James Cawood

Director: Gregor McGibbon

Agent: Hal Leonard Australia on behalf of the Rights Holders


Set in an isolated hunting lodge in the Scottish Highlands, famous playwright Henry Roth and his wife, Evelyn, await the arrival of a young charismatic (but unknown) actor, Jack Willoughby who is determined to secure a role in Henry’s new play.

What starts out as a seemingly innocent audition soon leads to an evening full of twists, turns and eventually !!!!!!!!. Mixing black comedy and shocks of the highest order, Death Knell reinvents the classic thriller genre and will leave audiences breathless and beguiled right up to the final curtain.


Heidelberg Theatre Company
14 Feb 2020 - 29 Feb 2020

Author: Patrick Hamilton (adapted by David Jacklin)

Director: Catherine Christensen


Bella Manningham, a fragile, frightened young wife suffers from what she tears may be the early stages of insanity, from which her mother died. Her husband is charming and supportive and making every effort to support her…or so she believes.

Set in Victorian London, in the gloom of a foggy night. Gaslight is regarded as a classic stage thriller. We can promise a highly-charged night at the theatre.

Knickers – a brief comedy

Mordialloc Theatre Co. Inc.
14 Feb 2020 - 29 Feb 2020

Author: Sarah Quick

Director: Barbara Crawford


Fictional town Warton, Victoria, Australia is facing the ultimate disaster: its largest employer, the paper mill, has suddenly announced that it is closing its doors forever, sending the town spiralling into an economic depression. When a chipper but overwhelmed tourism officer arrives to lend a hand, she discovers an unlikely business partnership in the three brassy friends that make up the local chapter of Weight Watchers.
A clever and cheeky tale this is a hilarious irreverent comedy which also celebrates determination and community spirit. Underlying the laughs is a very touching human story of small town values and resilience.

The Sum of Us

Eltham Little Theatre Inc.
14 Feb 2020 - 29 Feb 2020

Author: David Stevens

Director: Samuel Chappel


Set in Footscray in the late 80s, this heart-warming and humorous play explores the relationship between an aging widower and his gay son. After meeting in a local pub, Jeff and a young gardener, Greg, hit it off and begin to date. When he meets Jeff’s remarkably accepting Dad, Greg begins to back off. Meanwhile, Dad also has a new flame: a woman he met through a dating service. Put off by Jeff’s homosexuality, prosaic Joyce, too, pulls away, just before Dad suffers a stroke.

Fool for Love

Strathmore Theatre Arts Group
20 Feb 2020 - 29 Feb 2020

VDL Awards Entry: 2020

Author: Sam Shepard

Director: Reschelle O'Connor

Agent: By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd, on behalf of Josef Weinberger Ltd London


A dark story about two former lovers who reunite in a cheap hotel room in the Mojave Desert. Eddie is a transient presence in and out of May’s life and together they represent a co-dependent, toxic yet magnetic pair sorting through the emotional tumult of their lives in a constant power struggle. The old man contributes to their story from an insider’s perspective while Martin witnesses the story unfold without means to stop it.
Sam Shepard’s Fool For Love was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and was written during Shepard’s own personal struggles with relationships.

On Golden Pond

The 1812 Theatre
20 Feb 2020 - 14 Mar 2020

Author: Earnest Thompson

Director: Chris Procter


On Golden Pond is a classic American comedic drama that’s every bit as touching, warm, and witty today as when it debuted off Broadway.

Retired couple Ethel and Norman are spending their 48th summer at their vacation home on Golden Pond, in the woods of Maine. Their delightful summer routine–fishing, picking strawberries, enjoying old mementoes, is given a bitterly comedic edge by Norman’s unreliable memory and cantankerously morbid statements.

When their daughter Chelsea visits for Norman’s 80th birthday, bringing her boyfriend Bill and Bill’s teenage son, Billy Jr., the whole family must come to grips with Norman and Chelsea’s mutual bitterness, while Norman blossoms with his chance to mentor young Billy.

The turbulent relationship between father and daughter, the generation gap between young and old, and the difficulties of a couple in the twilight years of a long marriage, all combine in a play that effortlessly illustrates the hilarious, heartbreaking, human moments of which life is made.


The Mount Players Inc
28 Feb 2020 - 15 Mar 2020

VDL Awards Entry: 2020

Author: Joanna Murray-Smith

Director: Lee Cook



Switzerland is a metaphysical thriller set in the secluded home of Patricia Highsmith, famous author of the Tom Ripley novels. When meek and mild Edward Ridgeway is sent by Highsmith’s publisher to coax a new Ripley novel out of her, Patricia takes him in in spite of her usual reservations. As the two of them begin to flesh out the new book a power struggle plays out between them.

Written by Australian playwright Joanna Murray Smith, Switzerland is a play that blends reality and fiction and explores the plight of the author struggling to stand outside the shadow of their most famous creation.

They Came From Mars and Landed Outside the Farndale Avenue Church

Beaumaris Theatre Inc.
28 Feb 2020 - 14 Mar 2020

VDL Awards Entry: 2020

Author: David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jr

Director: Robyn Morris


The Farndale Avenue Ladies are performing the story of a Martian who wants to steal the newly invented Roberta the Robot in order to learn the secrets of macrame. Trouble is, the actress playing the robot has been accidentally dosed up with a handful of Valium , the lady playing the leading man is stuck in the toilet with the runs and everyone is having trouble with their lines. So awful, it’s funny!

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