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18 Oct 2021 - 3 Dec 2022
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Encore Theatre Inc.
8 Oct 2021 - 23 Oct 2021

Author: John Cariani

Director: Helen Ellis

Genre: Comedy

Agent: By arrangement with Music Theatre International (Australasia) exclusive agent for Dramatist Play Service, Inc.


Meet the Smiths, the Johnsons, and the Joneses. They live in a nice little cul-de-sac. And they’re happy. Or at least trying to be. Over the course of a single spring day, the neighbouring couples confront the dead-end of their dreams and what happens when you pursue happiness… with a vengeance.

Forget me not

Geelong Repertory Theatre Co. Inc.
14 Oct 2021 - 30 Oct 2021

Author: Tom Holloway

Director: John Bishop

Genre: Drama

Agent: “Performance rights for FORGET ME NOT exclusively licenced by HLA Management Pty Ltd, P.O. Box 1536, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 (hla@hlamgt.com.au)”.


Tom Holloway’s emotional and moving play is set against the backdrop of the 3000 plus British children, who between the end of the second world war and 1970, were told they were orphans and were shipped to Australia on a promise of warmth, fresh air, food, love and boundless opportunity. Instead, lives of neglect and abuse awaited them.

Dates postponed due to co-vid lockdown, will be advised soon.

CLUE on stage

Bairnsdale Production Line Theatre Co. Inc.
15 Oct 2021 - 24 Oct 2021

Author: Jonathan Lynn

Director: Viki Wright

Genre: Comedy

Agent: ORIGIN Theatrical


On a dark and stormy night, six unique guests, plus a butler and a maid, assemble for a dinner party at the home of Mr. Boddy. When their host turns up dead, it is clear that no one is safe! Soon the guests are racing to find the killer and keep the body count from stacking up.

Based on the popular board game and adapted from the cult classic film, Clue is the comedy whodunit that will keep you guessing (and laughing) to the very end.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

Malvern Theatre Co. Inc.
29 Oct 2021 - 13 Nov 2021

Author: Robert L Freedman (Book & Lyrics) and Steven Lutvak (Music & Lyrics)

Director: Alan Burrows

Genre: Musical

Agent: Music Theatre International


A GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO LOVE AND MURDER is the knock-’em-dead, uproarious hit and the most-nominated show of the 2014 season. With ten Tony nominations and four wins, including Best Musical, Book, Direction and Costumes, it also earned seven Drama Desk Awards (including Best Musical), four Outer Critics Circle Awards (including Best Musical) and one Drama League Award (Best Musical).

When the low-born Monty Navarro finds out that he’s eighth in line for an earldom in the lofty D’Ysquith family, he figures his chances of outliving his predecessors are slight and sets off down a far more ghoulish path. Can he knock off his unsuspecting relatives without being caught and become the ninth Earl of Highhurst? And what of love? Because murder isn’t the only thing on Monty’s mind….

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder is a murderous romp filled with unforgettable music, non-stop laughs and a scene-stealing role for one actor playing all eight of the doomed heirs who meet their ends in the most creative and side-splitting ways.

The Kitchen Sink by Tom Wells

Torquay Theatre Troupe Inc.
31 Oct 2021 - 20 Nov 2021

Author: Tom Wells

Director: Michael Baker

Genre: Comedy

Agent: Nick Hern Books


When asked to sum up in six words what his award winning play, The Kitchen Sink, was about, Tom Wells replied, “A family. A year. A sink.” This is an irresistibly funny play about a working class family with big dreams making small changes. With his skill for acute observation, emotional empathy and his love of eccentricity, Wells has penned an affectionate portrayal of a family attempting to adjust in a changing world. We are invited to share a year with a family whose supposedly ordinary lives are rich with idiosyncrasies, as they struggle with their hang-ups, leaning on one another to get through tough times.

The shoe-Horn Sonata

The 1812 Theatre Ltd.
4 Nov 2021 - 27 Nov 2021

Author: John Mistro

Director: Andrew Ferguson

Genre: Drama

Agent: ORiGiN Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French


In 1945 Sheila and Bridie were the filming of a TV documentary forces them to relive the past. Woven into their fifty years of separation freed from a Japanese POW camp. Now after a half-century separation,are a shoe-horn and the threads of loyalty and love which form their ‘uncommon bond’.

It’s Now Or Never – POSTPONED

The Basin Theatre Group Inc.
5 Nov 2021 - 27 Nov 2021

Author: Miles Tredinnick

Director: Chris Shaw

Genre: Comedy

Agent: In arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd on behalf of Josef Weinberger Ltd.


All remaining seasons in 2021 have now been postponed due to the impacts of the coronavirus. Even with the relaxing of restrictions in Victoria it would be impossible for us to safeguard our patrons attending the theatre for the remainder of the year.

We are all disappointed that these productions will not go ahead in 2021.

We will continue to monitor the situation and ensure that all our members and patrons are regularly informed about the developing situation through our web pages, Facebook pages, and newsletter emails.

We are currently planning an exciting performance program for 2022 with the expectation that shows will be able to be staged by February 2022.

SYNOPSIS: Elvis Presley fanatic Tom and his fiancee Alice arrive in Spain in preparation for their long-awaited wedding. Keith Clark, a plumber and fellow Elvis fanatic, has offered them the use of his villa outside Marbella whilst he is in London. But their arrival has been predated by a sighting by Keith of the real Elvis alive and hiding out in a nearby villa!

Unbeknownst to Alice, who is not much of an Elvis fan, Keith talks Tom into helping him kidnap Elvis to sell the story to the British tabloid press. Things go according to plan until the victim appears to die in their custody.

The ensuing confusion resulting from the attempts to hide their hysteria (and the body) from Alice while convincing The Sunday Insider of their conquest leads to chaos as a variety of ‘Elvises’ appear and disappear and identities change by the moment in this fast-paced and frenetic comedy.


Eltham Little Theatre Inc.
11 Nov 2021 - 27 Nov 2021

Author: Julie Cunningham

Director: Julie Cunningham

Genre: Comedy


A modern twist on an old favourite. Cinderfella tells the story of young Cinderfella and the twisted relationships in her family and her kingdom. Awash with bad jokes, lots of singing and dancing and audience participation it is a guaranteed laugh. This is a cabaret table seating event. Book a table with friends BYO snacks and refreshments and enjoy a great night out.

Keeping Up Appearances

MLOC Productions
11 Nov 2021 - 14 Nov 2021

Author: Roy Clarke

Director: Jane Court and Dean Mitrousis

Genre: Comedy

Agent: The Agency -UK


Everyone favourite Lady of the house – Hyacinth Bouquet(Bucket) is at it again. While sighting her entry into the local art festival, Hyacinth learns that Emmet needs a leading lady for the murder mystery that he is directing for the local theatre group, but Hyacinth is shocked to discover her relatives, Daisy, Rose and Onslow are also in the play and Daisy is playing the Duchess.

Hyacinth is further horrified to discover one of her roles in the play is the Cook and Hyacinth is expecting Councillor Mrs Debden at any moment

All of your favourite character are in this written for stage production of “Keeping Up Appearances” Rose, Daisy, Onslow, Daddy, Elizabeth, Richard, Emmet and of course the wonderfully Hyacinth

This is a Victorian Premier of this stage play

Four Flat Whites in Italy – CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19

Mordialloc Theatre Co. Inc.
12 Nov 2021 - 27 Nov 2021

Author: Roger Hall

Director: David Collins

Genre: Comedy


It’s 2007 and guidebook in hand, recently retired librarians Alison and Adrian are excitedly embarking on their long-awaited, carefully saved for and meticulously planned trip of a lifetime to Italy. But when their best friends pull out at the last minute, they find themselves sharing their precious holiday with their new neighbours Harry and his second (but not trophy!) wife, Judy.

As these delightfully mismatched couples valiantly negotiate late flights, missed bookings, changed plans and Rome’s infamous Ring Road, it’s not just the Italians the intrepid travellers have to deal with – it’s also each other in this highly entertaining comedy.

Four Flat Whites in Italy seems to be a perfect end of year show for MTC.

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