How to Submit Your Play for What’s On

If you have a current VDL Group (Vic) or VDL Group (Interstate) membership, you are welcome to add your upcoming productions to our What’s On list.

Companies wanting to re-list cancelled 2020 seasons as 2021 seasons –

  • CREATE FROM SCRATCH, DON’T JUST CHANGE THE DATES!  It is essential that you create the listing on the website from scratch at the ‘What’s On’ stage. Just changing the dates on an existing listing may be poetic but it unfortunately won’t work.

How to Submit Your Play

  1. Log in to your group’s VDL account.
  2. Go to My Profile > My VDL Content > My Plays.
  3. Check your list of plays to make sure this play hasn’t already been created. Plays are sorted according to start date, in descending order.
    • If the play is already present, click the Edit button to make any required changes.
    • If the play is not already in the list, click the Add New button to create a new play.
  4. Whether adding a new play or editing an existing play, you will now be on the Edit Play screen.
  5. The most important fields to fill in are: Play Title; Synopsis; All Play Performance dates and times.
    (There is a new Date Picker – allows multiple dates for a particular time)
  6. Several other fields are available, such as Featured Image and Venue Address. Fill in as much detail as you can.
  7. Set the Play Status, choosing from:
    • Draft: The play is still a draft. It will not appear in the What’s On list.
    • Private: The play will not be displayed publicly in What’s On, but it will be visible to you and to administrators. Private status is a good option when you want to check how the play will be displayed before making it public, or when you don’t want the play to be displayed yet, but you do want to link an Audition to it, enter it in the VDL Awards, or request a review.
    • Public: The play will be displayed publicly in What’s On.
  8. After you’ve finished editing the play, click the Save Changes button.
  9. If you set the play status to Public, visit the What’s On section to see your play! You can also see your own Private status plays in What’s On while you’re logged in.

Extra Publicity for Your Play

All productions registered by VDL members are displayed in the main What’s On section. However, for extra publicity, you might like to consider featuring your play in the What’s On slider at the top of the homepage. You can also submit an advertisement for the monthly member e-letter Follow Spot. Please get in touch with us using any of the methods listed on the Contact page to discuss options.