The Victorian Drama League (VDL)
Supporting community theatre in Victoria.

About Us

The VDL’s mission is to support community theatre in Victoria and act as a hub for bringing like-minded theatre people together. It was established in 1952 and currently has over 400 members who all share a common love of theatre and includes individuals, theatre companies, schools and play reading groups. While the majority of its members are from Victoria, it has a growing membership base in all states and territories across Australia.

The VDL offers a variety of services and resources to its members to support this mutual love of theatre including:

Corporate Governance

The VDL is an incorporated association whose Constitution governs its purpose and rules of the organisation. It was incorporated in the state of Victoria, Australia in 1992 with the registration number A0025498F.

The VDL has several Policies that outline its expectations for its members. It is governed by a Committee of Management and is accountable to its members and Consumer Affairs Victoria.

The VDL also has a Patron who lends their name and voice to our cause as well as offering guidance and support when needed.

VDL Website upgrade was assisted by generous funding provided by the Edwards Family in memory of life member Eric Edwards.