Pack of Lies

4 Dec 2023 @ 7:30pm,
5 Dec 2023 @ 7:30pm
Frankston Theatre Group Inc.

VDL Awards Entry: 2024

Author: Hugh Whitemore

Director: David Dodd

Genre: Drama


Pack of Lies is a 1983 play by English writer Hugh Whitemore, itself adapted from his Act of Betrayal, an episode of the BBC anthology series Play of the Month transmitted in 1971.

The Jacksons, a seemingly ordinary middle-aged English couple, share a close friendship with their Canadian neighbours, the Krogers. All appears blissful until a detective from Scotland Yard approaches them. The detective requests to use their house as an observation station to thwart a Soviet spy ring operating in the area during the autumn and winter of 1960-1961. Loyalty, duty, and friendship collide as the Jacksons slowly discover that the Krogers, their cherished friends, are not what they appear.


Characters Summary:

3M (40s – 60s); 4F (Teen -50s)

Characters Description:

BOB JACKSON (40’s) p.1
JULIE JACKSON (MID TEEN) p.9/10 (Julie & Helen)

HELEN KROGER (40’S) p.54
PETER KROGER (40-50) p.13

STEWART (Middle Aged) p. 44/45
THELMA (Adult) p.20
SALLY (Adult) p.36/37 (Sally & Thelma)

Audition Venue & Dates

Audition Dates and Times:

7:30pm on:

  • Mon 4th Dec 2023
  • Tue 5th Dec 2023

Audition Venue Name: The Shed

Audition Venue Address:

Overport Park, Somerset Road
Frankston South, Victoria 3199

Audition Enquiries Contact: David Dodd


Season Dates: 5 Apr 2024 - 21 Apr 2024


2:00pm on:

  • Sat 6th Apr 2024
  • Sun 7th Apr 2024
  • Sat 13th Apr 2024
  • Sun 14th Apr 2024
  • Sat 20th Apr 2024
  • Sun 21st Apr 2024

8:00pm on:

  • Fri 5th Apr 2024
  • Sat 6th Apr 2024
  • Fri 12th Apr 2024
  • Sat 13th Apr 2024
  • Fri 19th Apr 2024
  • Sat 20th Apr 2024

More info

Other Information

Other Information:

Each of the characters has at least one significant monologue. At the audition you will be expected to be familiar with the monologue or dialogue corresponding with the pages specified in Character Description. Other scene work will also be undertaken.

Please contact the Director to register your interest in auditioning and to obtain a copy of the script.