Shakespeare’s Ghost

Smile Theatre Co. Inc.

Author: Ian Robinson with Peter Eddy

Director: Ian Robinson

Genre: Comedy


Five people arrive at the Scottish Estate of a famous retired actor to undergo a weekend theatre work shop. Mayhem ensures as each reveals their complete lack of talent.


Characters Summary:

Penny Banana: 20 – 30
Olga Young: 50 – 60
George Horowitz: 35 – 50
Manfred Munchausen: 35 – 50
Eugene Holdall: 35 – 50
Kray: 60 +
Lord Jonathon Snot: 60+

Characters Description:

Penny Banana: 20 – 30
Not quite the quintessential “dumb blonde” but is more of a ‘Barbara Windsor’ [Carry on movies] rather than the ‘Alice Tinker’ character [The Vicar of Dibley].
She is best described as zany, ditzy, naïve (purposefully and unintentional). For example, she models intimate attire, negligees, erotic underwear for an all male clientele at a London pub on Friday afternoons.
She is not a stripper or sex worker but believes she has talent that is bankable and back able. She believes she has star quality!

Olga Young: 50 – 60
A mature student of acting. Intelligent and articulate, she has an inquisitive mid and is able to make other people comfortable when they are in her presence.
She appears to be genuine when in conversation with others but never discloses enough information concerning her. She is best described as an observer of people.

George Horowitz: 35 – 50
A Cockney who is brash and over confident; a no-all braggart, similar to Sid James [Carry On movies] with the imputation nature of Benny Hill [English comedian].
He considers himself to be a “ladies man’ and his attempts to woo Banana are obvious but not overtly crude.

Manfred Munchausen: 35 – 50
Munchausen: Typical aristocratic stuck up pretentious imaginary royal. He has impeccable manners, exhibiting the finer traits of Teutonic gentlemanliness but sees most others as below his station in life.
He has some trouble understanding and enunciating spoken English and would be far more comfortable if all the others could converse in German (Old High German, of course).

Eugene Holdall: 35 – 50
A brash, over the top Texan. He has considerable acting experience in a variety of roles in C grade amateur productions that rarely go beyond 4 performance seasons. He is infatuated with himself and has an abnormal and disturbing relationship with a family heirloom; a silver plated automatic pistol

Kray: 60 +
Must possess a threatening manner to all. He is devoted to Snot having been in his employ for a total of 40 plus years. He is the model butler / confidante to Snot and has free range as Head of Security.

Lord Jonathon Snot: 60+
Retired Shakespearean actor. Once considered one of the finest actors to grace the stage since Laurence Olivier. Now lives as a recluse with only his man servant Kray for company.

Precast Characters:

Lord Johnathon Snot
Penny Banana
Olga Young.
George Horowitz
Manfred Munchausen

Audition Venue & Dates

Audition Venue Name: Carrum Community Hall or Zoom as required.

Audition Venue Address:

Cnr Dyson/Walkers Road Carrum. Auditions are to be held over zoom at this time. 4 Male roles still needed. Commencing zoom rehearsals on the 19th September. Contact Ian Robinson on 0413 036 725 or send resume and expression of interest to to arrange zoom audition at a mutually agreed time.

Audition Enquiries Contact: Ian Robinson or 0413036725


Season Dates: 21 Jan 2022 - 30 Jan 2022


2:00pm on:

  • Sun 23rd Jan 2022
  • Sun 30th Jan 2022

8:00pm on:

  • Fri 21st Jan 2022
  • Sat 22nd Jan 2022
  • Fri 28th Jan 2022
  • Sat 29th Jan 2022

More info

Other Information

Other Information:

This play will be performed along with another one act play The Devil You Know. The audition for both of these plays will take place at the same time. We are planning on a group audition so everyone can take turns at reading different parts. Please supply a C.V. of experience and intention to audition prior to the day so that we can have an idea of numbers. This is an original play that has never been performed before. If you seek to have the opportunity to bring to life and put your mark on these characters this could be for you.