The Architect

4 Feb 2024 @ 10:00am
F.A.M.D.A. Inc.

VDL Awards Entry: 2024

Author: Aiden Fennessey

Director: Bernadette Grainger

Genre: Drama

Agent: Creative Representation


Hiring a temporary carer requires some serious vetting and when Helen’s partner, John, heads off on a brief overseas trip she concedes to the arrangement by appointing the least likely candidate; a dubious drifter and jack-of-all-trades, Lennie. He could be just the medicine she needs, if it weren’t for the monumental secret he’s hiding. As their disparate worlds collide and an unexpected bond forms, Helen turns to Lennie to help her face her mortality.
Aidan Fennessy’s brilliant script is an accurate and at times amusing observation of life and family dynamics.


Characters Summary:

1f 3m
Helen Pyefinch - central character
John Stafford - her partner
Leonard Wadsley - her hired carer
Jeremy Pyefinch - her son

Characters Description:

In her late sixties, Helen is a comfortably retired drama and literature teacher. Frail but with sharp edges to her, she has a keen intelligence and an independent spirit. She feels she has her share of personal failings in love, family and life. Thirteen months ago she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. Her movements now are careful and slow. She walks as if being held back by some invisible force. Three extensive rounds of chemo and radiation therapy have exacted a toll. Her hair is almost entirely gone. Her smile remains.

In his late sixties, John is a semi retired barrister and Helen’s partner of ten years. A kind, awkward and fastidious man. This is his first serious relationship since his childless marriage ended in his mid thirties. It’s taken a long time but John has now found his place in the world, just as it’s about to crumble. His passion and admiration for Helen are endless.

In his thirties, Lennie left school after year ten. Bought up by his mother and brother in a tumble down suburb on the outer fringes. He has no family left in Melbourne and is currently of no fixed address. He’s an unqualified jack-of-all-trades. His easy charm belies the weight of the world he carries upon his shoulders.

In his forties, Jeremy is Helen’s only child. He is a Sydney based lawyer and his relationship with his mother is a strained affair. Currently going through a bitter divorce of his own making, he has no children.

*** Casting will be flexible in relation to specified ages ***

Precast Characters:


Audition Venue & Dates

Audition Dates and Times:

10:00am on:

  • Sun 4th Feb 2024

Audition Venue Name: Foster War Memorial Arts Centre

Audition Venue Address:

79 Main St., Foster

Audition Enquiries Contact: Bernadette Grainger 0439 394 704


Season Dates: 26 Apr 2024 - 5 May 2024


2:00pm on:

  • Sun 28th Apr 2024
  • Sat 4th May 2024
  • Sun 5th May 2024

7:30pm on:

  • Fri 26th Apr 2024
  • Sat 27th Apr 2024
  • Thu 2nd May 2024
  • Fri 3rd May 2024
  • Sat 4th May 2024

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Other Information

Other Information:

INFORMATION SESSION:  2pm, Sunday January 21st 2024
AUDITIONS:  10am - 3pm, Sunday February 4th 2024

Auditions will be by appointment.
For further information and /or to book an audition time, contact the director, Bernadette Grainger 0439 394 704