The Devil You Know

18 Sep 2021 @ 5:30pm,
19 Sep 2021 @ 5:30pm,
20 Sep 2021 @ 5:30pm
Smile Theatre Co. Inc.

Author: Ian Robinson with Peter Eddy

Director: Ian Robinson

Genre: Comedy


A politician ends up in limbo following a heart attack. He must face the Devil’s Advocate and the Heavenly Negotiator to see if he is going upstairs or downstairs.


Characters Summary:

Arthur Snow M.P.
Hal E. Leuah Heavenly Negotiator
Justin Case Devil's Advocate

Characters Description:

Arthur Snow: Seasoned politician in his late 50s. Has spent his life trying to do the right thing by his electorate, but has a bad habit of not quite getting things right.

Hal E Leuah: A holier than thou character. Works strictly for god. Handling any matter that requires negotiating with "Downstairs". Considers himself superior to Justin Case, but has a frenemies type relationship with him.

Justin Case: Advocates on behalf of the devil himself. He is Hell's representative and the opposite number of Hal E. Leuah. Can be a little sneaky and is mostly all about look out for himself.

Precast Characters:

The Devil's Advocate
The Heavenly Negotiator

Audition Venue & Dates

Audition Dates and Times:

5:30pm on:

  • Sat 18th Sep 2021
  • Sun 19th Sep 2021
  • Mon 20th Sep 2021

Audition Venue Name: Carrum Community Hall or Zoom as necessary

Audition Venue Address:

Cnr Dyson /Walkers Road Carrum. Audition times and dates can be arranged to suit. Contact Ian Robinson on 0413036725 or if interestedWe are commencing zoom rehearsals on Sunday 19th September. We still need a male for this play and 4 males for another. See audition for Shakespeare's Ghost.

Audition Enquiries Contact: Ian Robinson on or 0413036725


Season Dates: 21 Jan 2022 - 30 Jan 2022


2:00pm on:

  • Sun 23rd Jan 2022
  • Sun 30th Jan 2022

8:00pm on:

  • Fri 21st Jan 2022
  • Sat 22nd Jan 2022
  • Fri 28th Jan 2022
  • Sat 29th Jan 2022

More info

Other Information

Other Information:

This play will be performed along with another one act play Shakespeare's Ghost. The audition for both of these plays will take place at the same time. We are planning on a group audition so everyone can take turns at reading different parts. Please supply a C.V. of experience and intention to audition prior to the day so that we can have an idea of numbers. This is an original play that has never been performed before. If you seek to have the opportunity to bring to life and put your mark on these characters this could be for you.