The Full Monty

10 Jan 2021 @ 7:00pm
The 1812 Theatre Ltd.

Author: Simon Beaufoy

Director: Chris Procter

Genre: Comedy

Agent: Knight Hall Agency Ltd


Set in Sheffield, England during 1980’s and tells the story of six unemployed men, four of them former steel workers, who decide to form a male striptease act (a la Chippendale dancers) in order to gather enough money for the main character, Gaz, to be able to see his son Nathan. Gaz declares that their show will be better than the Chippendale dancers because they will go “the full monty”- strip all the way- hence the title.


Characters Summary:

Male Roles:
Gaz: 30 - 40
Lomper: 30-40
Horse: 40-50
Dave: 30-40
Guy: 30-40
Gerald: 40-50
Nathen: Looks 12
Brian: 30-45
Barry: 30-50
Alan: Over 50
Female Roles:
Linda: Gaz's ex wife 30-40
Mandy: Dave's wife 30-40
Jean: 30-40
Bee: 25-35

Audition Venue & Dates

Audition Dates and Times:

1: 10 Jan 2021 @ 7:00pm

Audition Venue Name: The 1812 Theatre

Audition Venue Address:

3 Rose Street
Upper Ferntree Gully 3156

Audition Enquiries Contact: Contact Chris Procter for an appointment: 0407543081


Season Dates: 8 Apr 2021 - 1 May 2021


April Thur 8
Fri 9
Sat 10
Sun 11
Wed 14
Thur 15
Fri 16
Sat 17
Sun 18
wed 21
Thur 22
Fri 23
Sat 24
Sun 25
Wed 28
Thur 29
Fri 30
Sat May 1st
Evenings: 8.00pm
Sunday Matinee: 4.00pm

Other Information

Other Information:

North Country accents are required by all actors.
6 lead males must be prepared to appear naked for a few seconds at the end of the play.