VDL Awards Entries 2022


Heidelberg Theatre Co.
25 Mar 2022 - 9 Apr 2022

As he prepares to embark on an overseas tour, star actor Garry Essendine’s colourful life is in danger of spiralling out of control. Engulfed by an escalating identity crisis as his many and various relationships compete for his attention, Garry’s few remaining days at home are a chaotic whirlwind of love, sex, panic and soul-searching.

Noel Coward’s scintillating witty play is a giddy and surprisingly modern reflection on fame, desire and loneliness.

Author: Noel Coward

Director: Karen Wakeham

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The Laramie Project

Smart Artz Theatre Inc.
8 Apr 2022 - 9 Apr 2022

The Laramie Project is a 2000 play by Moisés Kaufman and members of the Tectonic Theater Project about the reaction to the 1998 murder of gay University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyoming. The murder was denounced as a hate crime and brought attention to the lack of hate crime laws in various states, including Wyoming.

An example of verbatim theatre, the play draws on hundreds of interviews conducted by the theatre company with inhabitants of the town, company members’ own journal entries, and published news reports. It is divided into three acts, and in our production, twelve actors portray more than sixty characters in a series of short scenes.

Agent: Dramatists Play Service Inc.

Author: Moises Kaufman and the Members of Tectonic Theatre Project

Director: Amy Anselmi

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The River

Williamstown Little Theatre Inc.
20 Apr 2022 - 7 May 2022

On a moonless evening, a man brings his new girlfriend to a remote cabin for a night of trout-fishing. But before the night is over, it becomes clear that nothing is as it seems… and as memory collides with desire, the truth becomes the most elusive catch of all.

Described as “beautiful, slippery and unnerving”, the nature of the play and its inherent mystery means that the finer details of its plot and characters resonate long after the production.

Note- 80 minutes. No interval
Warning: Strong language

Agent: Nick Hern Books

Author: Jez Butterworth

Director: Terese Maurici

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Keeping up Appearances

22 Apr 2022 - 7 May 2022

Roy Clarke, creator and writer of the popular 1990s British sitcom, ‘Keeping up Appearances’, has cleverly incorporated favourite characters and situations from the television series into his new play.
The eccentric and snobbish Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced “bouquet”) is still social climbing at every moment and steam-rolling Emmet, Liz and everyone around her.
Daisy loves her husband, Onslow, who remains a cynical slob, and Rose has yet another new beau.

Agent: The Agency, London

Author: Roy Clarke

Director: Tania Pell & Noel Stringer

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The Deep Blue Sea

Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre Co.Inc.
19 May 2022 - 4 Jun 2022

Terence Rattigan’s ‘The Deep Blue Sea’ tells the story of Hester Collyer, the young wife of the High Court Judge William Collyer, who has embarked on a passionate affair with Freddie Page, a handsome young former RAF pilot troubled by his memories of the war. Their relationship is physical and passionate, but his ardour has cooled, leaving her emotionally stranded and desperate. Taking place over the course of one day we witness her battle as she struggles to come to terms with her situation and to find a reason to go on living. Will she return to William or will Freddie relent, and how will the interactions with others in the apartment block affect her circumstances and decision?

Agent: Origin Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French Inc.

Author: Terence Rattigan

Director: Alan Burrows

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Torch Song

Brighton Theatre Co.
20 May 2022 - 4 Jun 2022

Torch Song is the two-act revival of Harvey Fierstein’s award-winning Torch Song Trilogy (Winner 1983 Tony Award for Best Play and 1983 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding New Play).

Torch Song follows the life of Arnold Beckoff, a Jewish torch song singing drag queen living in New York City. The story takes place over the span of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Told with a likeable, human voice, Torch Song follows Arnold’s odyssey to find happiness in New York.

All he wants is a husband, a child and a pair of bunny slippers that fit, but a visit from his overbearing mother reminds him that he needs one thing more: respect.

Torch Song speaks to themes of courage, resilience and perseverance and will have the audience laughing one minute and cheering on the next.

Agent: Origin Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French Inc

Author: Harvey Fierstein

Director: Annie Blood

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Same Time Next Year

Wangaratta Players Inc.
3 Jun 2022 - 11 Jun 2022

When Doris, a young housewife from Oakland, and George, an
accountant from New Jersey, meet by chance at a rural California inn, they embark on an affair that brings them together on the same weekend, in the same place, for the next 26 years.  As time passes, events in their personal lives
impact their special once-a-year
romance in this heart-warming,
romantic comedy.

Agent: Samuel French Inc.

Author: Bernard Slade

Director: Natalie Sullivan

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Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Geelong Repertory Theatre Co. Inc.
1 Jul 2022 - 16 Jul 2022

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency by James Goss & Arvind Ethan David. Based on the novel by Douglas Adams. What do a missing cat, a computer genius, a professor of Choronology, the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, an impossible couch, Bach and pizza have in common? Well… not much. Until Dirk Gently sets out to prove the fundamental interconnectedness of all things by solving a mysterious murder, assisting a mysterious professor, and unravelling a mysterious mystery – not to mention saving the entire human race from extinction (at no extra charge, naturally) along the way. Based on the original novel by Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy author Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency was once described by Adams himself as “a thumping good detective-ghost-horror-whodunnit-time travel-romantic-musical-comedy-epic”. Confused? Don’t be – everything is connected.

Agent: By Arrangement with ORiGiN™ Theatrical On Behalf of Samuel French A Concord Theatricals Company

Author: James Goss By Arvind Ethan David Based on the novel by Douglas Adams

Director: Xavier McGettigan

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Off The Leash Theatre Inc
7 Jul 2022 - 23 Jul 2022

In a burnt-out old theatre adjoining the grounds of a mental institution, a motley crew is assembling. Corralled by the manic depressive Roy – in equal parts endearing and insufferable – and encouraged by social worker Justin, the eccentric group of patients is attempting to stage a production of Mozart’s opera, Cosi fan Tutte.
Fresh out of university and somewhat adrift, Lewis has agreed to direct the amateur production, but between the impossibly elaborate artistic vision of Roy, the laborious obsessive compulsion of Ruth, the escapist tendencies of pyromaniac Doug and the small hurdle that no one can sing, Lewis has his work cut out for him.
Against a backdrop of political unrest, Lewis begins to realise what truly matters to him, as he works outside the box to get this unusual production off the ground. The more time he spends with these patients, the more he realises they understand something his friends on the outside just don’t…

Agent: HLA Management PL

Author: Louis Nowra

Director: Tracey Rabl & Kellie Bray

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

BATS Theatre Company
15 Jul 2022 - 24 Jul 2022

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest tells the story of a charming rogue who contrives to serve a short sentence in an airy mental institution rather than a prison. This, he learns, was a mistake. He clashes with the head nurse, a fierce disciplinarian. Quickly, he takes over the yard and accomplishes what the medical profession has been unable to do for twelve years; making a presumed deaf and dumb Indian talk. He leads others out of introversion, stages a revolt so that they can see the world series on television, and arranges a rollicking midnight party with liquor and chippies. McMurphy’s new influence on the hospital is more than Ratched can handle with shocking consequences.

Agent: ORiGiN Theatrical

Author: Dale Wasserman

Director: James McAllister

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