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All My Sons

8 Feb 2023 - 25 Feb 2023
Williamstown Little Theatre Inc.

VDL Awards Entry: 2023

Author: Arthur Miller

Director: Loretta Bishop

Genre: Drama


Joe and Kate Keller are at the heart of the American dream. They have an ideal family, raising two sons, Larry and Chris, live in a modest home and own a successful business building airplane parts during World War 2. However, their dream starts to crack when their elder son goes missing in action. Kate clings desperately to the hope that he is still alive and a familiar visitor arrives to divulge secrets from the past that will tear their lives apart.
All My Sons is a moving exploration of the human condition, guilt, justice and the mistaken belief of the American Dream.


Start Date: 8 Feb 2023

End Date: 25 Feb 2023

Performance Times:

5:00pm on:

  • Sun 12th Feb 2023
  • Sun 19th Feb 2023

8:15pm on:

  • Wed 8th Feb 2023
  • Thu 9th Feb 2023
  • Fri 10th Feb 2023
  • Sat 11th Feb 2023
  • Tue 14th Feb 2023
  • Wed 15th Feb 2023
  • Thu 16th Feb 2023
  • Fri 17th Feb 2023
  • Sat 18th Feb 2023
  • Tue 21st Feb 2023
  • Wed 22nd Feb 2023
  • Thu 23rd Feb 2023
  • Fri 24th Feb 2023
  • Sat 25th Feb 2023

Ticket Prices:

$29 adult
$27 concession

Bookings: www.wlt.org.au

Theatre: Williamstown Little Theatre

Theatre Address:

2-4 Albert Street


Characters Summary:

M x 6 (various ages)
F x 4 (various ages)
All characters require an American accent

Audition Dates:

1:00pm on:

  • Sun 27th Nov 2022

7:30pm on:

  • Mon 28th Nov 2022

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