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Bloody Murder – RESCHEDULED

30 Jul 2021 - 8 Aug 2021
Frankston Theatre Group Inc.

Author: Ed Sala

Director: Neil Barnett

Genre: Comedy

Agent: Origin on behalf of Samuel French ltd


A group of the usual murder-mystery type gather for a weekend retreat at the country estate of Lady Somerset. Suddenly, one of them dies of poison … of course! Her Ladyship refuses to summon the Police! She says she won’t go through ‘all that’ again. But why are they all here? Is this just actually another formulaic, predictable murder mystery? Or is it something diabolically different? So … what would YOU do, if you knew you were going to be murdered … again?!


Start Date: 30 Jul 2021

End Date: 8 Aug 2021

Performance Times:

2:00pm on:

  • Sat 31st Jul 2021
  • Sun 1st Aug 2021
  • Sat 7th Aug 2021
  • Sun 8th Aug 2021

8:00pm on:

  • Fri 30th Jul 2021
  • Sat 31st Jul 2021
  • Fri 6th Aug 2021
  • Sat 7th Aug 2021

Ticket Prices:

Full - $28
Concession – $26
Group 8+ $24
Student - $20

Bookings: https://www.trybooking.com/book/sessions?eid=705248 or Call 0437 117 881

Theatre: Frankston Theatre Group

Theatre Address:

Mount Eliza Community Centre
Canadian Bay Road
Mount Eliza

Other Information:

In light of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, FTG has taken the decision to reschedule BLOODY MURDER to the end of 2021. New dates are as advertised between 19th November and 5th December 2021.


Characters Summary:

Lady Somerset 60s-70s
She is old money. A genial hostess

Devon Tremaine 40s-50s
Once a great tragedian he is now in decline. He is fond of whiskey but does keep self-control Actor also plays;

Mr Woo
A Chinese Detective in the mold of Charley Chan or Fu Manchu.
He is the Anglo-character as played by Peter Sellers or Boris Karloff

El Gato
A burglar
Dressed as a flamboyant Spaniard he acts as an equally flamboyant Frenchman.

Charles Pomeroy 30s-40s
The feckless nephew iof Lady Somerset he enjoys the good life. He would fit into a Noel Coward play.
Actor also plays;
Chief Inspector Phelps
A country policeman he is humourless, the professional who would be the foil to Sherlock Holmes, Poirot etc.

Emma Reece 20s-30s
She is an innocent, the one who is ‘too good to be true’. Fending off the amorous advances of Charles she does later reveal a secret.
Actor also plays;
Described as a woman of mystery with a non-specific European accent. She is consciously alluring.

Jane 40s-50s
Maid to Lady Somerset. She both cares for her mistress and secretly despises the wealthy classes.
Actor also plays;
Motorist A lost traveller who comes across a household of killers & Nun arriving to collect for a local charity she finds herself dragged into the plot.

Major Quimby 60s-70’s
He is a braggart and virtually a living memoir.
He could be the Major General from “Pirates of Penzance”. He has a secret passionate side to his character.

Audition Dates:

10:00am on:

  • Sun 11th Apr 2021

7:30pm on:

  • Mon 12th Apr 2021

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