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The Elephant Man

24 May 2018 - 9 Jun 2018
Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre Co.Inc.

VDL Awards Entry: 2018

Author: Bernard Pomerance

Director: Chris Shaw

Agent: Origin Theatrical Pty Ltd


This is the true story of an orphan named John Merrick, who was so physically deformed that he became known as the “Elephant Man.” Despite his hideous deformities, Merrick was an incredibly sweet, sensitive and intelligent human being, forced to display himself as a “sideshow freak” in travelling shows. He is found, and befriended, by a brilliant surgeon, who gives him a home in a London hospital for the remaining few years of his life. There he becomes the toast of Victorian London’s high society, but his thirst for normality brings about his eventual demise. A thoroughly moving and thoughtful play, which addresses the simple issue of what it means to be human.


Start Date: 24 May 2018

End Date: 9 Jun 2018

Performance Times:

Curtain up 8.15pm (Sherries from 7.45pm)
Matinees 2.15pm (Sherries from 1.45pm)

Ticket Prices:

Adults $26
Concession $24
Groups (10 or more) $22 each
Season (4 plays) $85 per person

Bookings: (03) 9735 1777

Theatre Address:

39 - 41 Castella Street, Lilydale.