DRU BARTLETT: Nothing she won’t take on as a theatre person (except making scones!)

When VDL President asked Awards Adjudication Co Ordinator Dru, for a resume of her life in and out and roundabout theatre he was unprepared for what he got from her. He then replied, “Your response takes my breath away, so much info it’s simply: Supercalifrajalisticexpialidocious – I need to take some time to work out how best to handle this.”

BRUCE: You really have done everything at one level or another, haven’t you? Is there a fear of missing out if you don’t put your hand up?

DRU: None.  I’m very much … either get involved and be part of the solution or shut up!  Throughout teaching, working in the corporate sector as a technical writer and in my voluntary roles there have always been quite a few negative people who constantly whine but never offered to help and that shits me to tears!  So – I put my hand up.

BRUCE: Among your honest mentions was‘Acting – (sort of) and Won Best Actress for Snow Angel.’ Is there a bit of a contradiction there?  

DRU: No, not really. I’d far prefer to get up there and improvise, ‘cause I have always found learning lines to be very difficult!  I’m happy to be on stage …. I just HATE the thought that I could put other actors in a yuk situation by going blank.

BRUCE: Foroff stage’ activities you’ve said:

  • Published a children’s book
  • Completed my ‘Masters in Enterprise Education’
  • Everything but the bio box
  • Every committee position including President for 6 years
  • Foyer display
  • FOH
  • VDL Committee Member
  • VDL Adjudicator for 3 years
  • VDL Adjudicator Coordinator
  • Theatrecraft articles
  • Writing plays
  • Readings
  • Held joint Theatre Car Rallies

What makes you run?

DRU:  Absolutely nothing … ever … if you mean physically.  I just leave ten minutes earlier so there is no need to panic about anything!  If you mean committees – then same as the first answer. All in all – I’d prefer to dance and sing for exercise!

BRUCE: What most of us wouldn’t know about is your skill creating models. What’s the story with this work?

DRU: Gneil Gnome is slightly taller than me!!! He has been great fun! It took 5 coats of paint and as you see will live in our atrium.  A fellow theatre person actually made it out of compressed foam for Sherbrooke Theatre and at the end of the season it was offered to me to paint up and keep!  At Sherbrooke he was called Monty. I am hoping for a Gnoellene now.

BRUCE: Particularly impressive is ‘Sam’s Study,’ which you say is ‘unfinished’ but like the others is professional standard.

DRU:  I’m trying to learn the skills to make miniature versions of sets for plays I’d like to direct so I can clearly show the set builders what I’m looking for.  This is the current state of construction so far. (I’ve been cheeky and used the cover of my kids’ book on many of the books!)

BRUCE: So, do you wonder then what to concentrate on next?

DRU: I have about another 12 Star Wars heads to paint, and then sell on Ebay I hope, or give away to other Star Wars nutters.  I’ve also ordered this one to do – different skills eg: furniture and stairs etc.  I’d also like to write another kid’s book based on the adventures of Gneil Gnome.  If worse comes to worst and it’s all too hard, I will finish the second model and write a play to suit the model.

BRUCE: Like cake decorating, but not making scones. It needs to be artistic?

DRU: Yep!!!  And THAT does NOT include bungee jumping or camping!!!

BRUCE: And your need to hug anyone who gets close enough, has been put on hold (pardon the pun) because of ‘social distancing’, I imagine?

DRU: Totally. It’s honestly the only part of COVID that has had a major impact on my well being.  I HATE it!

BRUCE: Well, I thought this might be a ‘fasten your seat belts’ chat but thanks for sharing, and all the best with your many projects.

DRU:  Thanks, Bruce.  Stay well everyone and we will see you all at the other end!  I HOPE! 

Hugs, Dru.