VDL Adjudicator Awards 2019

Adjudicator Award 2019

Chris Shaw
1. Donna and David Prince, The Beast, Powderkeg Players – for their truly realistic looking (and moving) animated cow.
2. Nightshades, Off The Leash Theatre – The use of poignant reproductions (relating to the play) of ‘early Gippsland’ lining the corridor walls.

Richard Keown
1. Gail Brackley (Stage Manager) & The Crew, Strangers on a Train, Malvern Theatre Company – seamless, quiet and quick.
2. Kaye Mills and Karlana Santamaria, Summer of the Aliens, Essendon Theatre Company – FOH photo display of characters, captioned by each about what their life was like at 14 & which suburb they grew up in.

Jennifer Paragreen
1. The Club, Allegro Theatre Company – Local women’s football theme to hall decoration & programme.
2. Coriolanus, Scott Jackson, Hartwell Players – Spectacular fight choreography.